Clouden FM YouTube Live Streaming Service now in Public Preview

Clouden is proud to announce that Clouden FM is now in Public Preview. Clouden FM is a fully managed YouTube Live streaming service that lets you run virtual radio stations in the cloud. All you need to do is upload your music as WAV files and enter your YouTube channel’s live streaming key. Clouden FM will take care of the rest. Optionally you can also add backround images that will be shown in the stream while the music tracks are playing.

Today we’re offering two subscription plans. For 9.99€/month you’ll be able to host a live YouTube stream with 10 GB of storage space. Alternatively, our 1.99€/day subscription will let you try out the service for a shorter period of time. If you decide you like it, you can always upgrade to the monthly subscription.

Public Preview means that we know there are still some rough edges in the service, but the primary streaming functionality has been tested to be very solid. We gladly welcome all kinds of feedback and feature ideas for the service. If you are interested in the technology behind Clouden FM, it runs completely on Amazon AWS infrastructure and makes use of managed cloud services as much as possible. For payment processing we use Stripe, which guarantees your payment details are safely handled by Stripe’s systems and never even seen by us.

If you became interested, Sign up at Clouden FM to launch your own YouTube virtual radio channel today.

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