Fixing our chat services after Symantec certificate deprecation

If you have used Synthpedia Chat recently, you may have noticed issues with the Google Chrome browser not being able to connect to the chat. The technical reason for this is that Google has started to roll out their distrust of Symantec certificates, which was announced a year ago. Amazon’s default AWS IoT endpoints use Symantec certificates, and Clouden has used these endpoints to implement our websocket-based chat.

We have now deployed a fix that uses Amazon’s new ATS IoT endpoint for websocket communications. This endpoint uses Amazon Trust Services certificates instead of the old Symantec/Verisign certificates and should be compatible with the current generation of web browsers.

If you have any problems with the chat, please let us know. The easiest way to contact us is via Twitter (@cloudeninc). We always welcome any other feedback, too.

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