Clouden AWS SES Gateway for Odoo

Incoming Amazon AWS SES email support for Odoo
Clouden AWS SES Gateway connects Odoo to Amazon AWS SES (Simple Email Service).

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Simple email support for Odoo

This Odoo add-on fetches incoming mail that was received by AWS SES and delivered to an S3 bucket using a rule set.

Received mail is delivered to Odoo in the same way as when using built-in IMAP/POP support.


Incoming Odoo email

Fetch incoming mail from AWS SES / S3 to Odoo

Flexible authentication settings

Configure AWS access keys or default authentication (instance role)

Multiple configurations

Supports multiple configurations (buckets and optional key prefixes)

Automated email fetching

Cron job fetches new mail every 5 minutes


  • Install the add-on to your Odoo

  • Ensure you have the Python boto3 package installed

  • Configure AWS SES with delivery to S3

  • Configure the add-on with AWS credentials

See doc/index.rst for more details on installation.